Information for Parents & Guardians


Parents and guardians play a vital role in the financial aspect of their student's education. Below is a list of items to-do or read over that may be helpful.  


1. Get access. Student's can grant access to both academic and financial aspects of their account so you can see account balance information, get email reminders for when an upcoming bill is due, see grades, etc.

There are TWO parts to getting full access

          a) For access to academic components, please follow the instructions on the following                       link, here.

          b) For access to financial components, please see the instructions below:

  1. Have student go HERE
  2. Student will login with their current credentials using the “Student Log In” button.
  3. Once logged in and forwarded to the portal landing page, click the link on the left hand side titled “Authorize Payers”
  4. Click the green plus symbol on the right hand side that says “Add New”
  5. The student can then enter the name, email address, and login ID for whomever they wish to grant access to their financial account.
  6. Hit Save
  7. Once completed, an email will go to the address that was entered above with a link requesting that the authorized person go to set up their password.
  8. Included in that email will be a link they can use in the future to access the account page directly.
  9. That’s it! And Access is immediate!


2. Would you like a no interest way to split up your student's semester bill up over several months? Read about the Terp Payment Plan, here

3. If you didn't get an opportunity to see our presentation at new student orientation, please view the power point, here.

4.  Ask your student to enroll in direct deposit for any refunds we may need to send out from a credit on their account.  Learn more, here

5. Determine if your student needs to have a health insurance waiver. Learn more, here

6. Familiarize yourself with our most commonly asked questions on our searchable FAQ page, here