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General FAQs

University of Maryland

Office of Student Financial Services & Cashiering

1109 Lee Building

7809 Regents Dr.

College Park, Maryland 20742-5151

We are located at 1135 Lee Building. You can find us by viewing this map


Phone numbers: 301-314-9000 option #4 or 1 888 313 2404 option #4


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 - 4:30

Wednesday 9:30 - 4:30


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 - 4:00

Wednesday 9:30 - 4:00

You can find the directions to the campus here:

And you can find parking information here:  

A financial hold means you have unpaid charges on your Student Account that are due.

Once your balance is paid in full and your student account reflects a zero balance, your financial hold will then be removed.

For detailed information on the FAFSA application process, visit

To check your financial aid status, visit and select Check Financial Aid Status Online.

Billing & Payments FAQs

To learn about billing due dates, please visit the billing due dates page of this website here

Paper bills will NOT be sent to students registered for the current and/or upcoming term. Registered students will receive an email notification that their monthly bill statement is ready for viewing. To update your student email address, visit here

Add Email Addresses: Once you have logged into your financial account to view your monthly billing statements, you may add up to three additional email addresses to receive email notifications regarding your bill. Please note that adding email addresses for other people does not grant them access to your account. This is only for receiving notifications regarding your bill. See Grant Parent Access below.

Grant Parent Access: Students: You may invite other people to access your account by logging into Testudo and completing the process for granting Parent/Guardian Access. Parent Access allows that person to view your charges and pay your bill. This access does not send email notifications to that person. You must add their email via the "Add Email Address" link from within your account.

Parents: To obtain access to a student account, go to: and refer to the information on the Get Shared Access link.

To learn about Tuition and Fees rates, click here

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Robert H. Smith School of Business, the A. James Clark School of Engineering or who are declared majors in the Department of Computer Science, will be charged supplemental differential tuition on top of the standard tuition rates. It applies only to students who have achieved 60+ credits, representing Junior or Senior class standing.

Differential Tuition Information:

Differential Tuition FAQs:

Electronic check payment (known as e-Check or ACH) from your checking or savings account are accepted online at no charge. You enter your bank routing number and account numbers to pay via e-Check.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted online only.  Credit cards and Debit cards are not accepted at the Cashier’s Office. A NON-REFUNDABLE service fee is charged for credit card and debit card  transactions online.

There are a variety of payment methods available to you. To learn about these payment methods, click here

Questions about specific items on your account should be directed to the originating department

You can find most of the contact information here

To learn more about the Terp Payment Plan, visit our page on TPP here


For information on the $125 international student fee, please go to Please note that this fee is charged per semester.  If you have further questions on the ISS charge, you may contact International Student and Scholar Services at 301-314-7740 as they will best assist you.


Effective Fall 2017, the University of Maryland (UMD) will charge a fee of $125 per semester for all newly enrolled, full time students who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents. (Part time students will be assessed $62.50 per semester.)  UMD will use the revenue from this fee to enhance support for our international students to include improved academic support, expanded assistance for students transitioning to the U.S. and international student-focused cultural events to foster an engaged, supportive community.


To make an international payment, go here

Other FAQs

You can obtain your 1098-T form here.


In previous years, any 1098-T you received from UMD included a figure in Box 2 that represented the qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) that we billed to your student account for the calendar (tax) year. Due to a change to institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year 2018, we will report in Box 1 the amount of QTRE you paid during the year. Note that all electronic payments must be completed successfully by the final payment file import we complete for the year in order to be included on the 1098-T reporting for the tax year. (Using 2018 as an example:    4:00pm December 27, 2018 local school time is the final file import for the year)


A financial hold means you have unpaid charges on your Student Account that are due. Once your balance is paid in full and your student account reflects a zero balance, your financial hold will then be removed.

You can obtain your enrollment verification at the Office of the Registrar website, by selecting Enrollment/Degree Verification Request at  

To obtain a copy of your transcript, Visit

For our policy and instructions on Certification of Term Charges for third parties, please click: HERE

To obtain VA certification, visit the UMD Veteran’s Affairs website at

Graduation checklist:

  • Apply for graduation here.
  • Meet all university requirements
  • Settle your student account, pay all outstanding bills
  • Update your current mailing address, phone number, and email address
  • Conduct an exit interview with the Office of Financial Aid at and complete “Exit Counseling.”


Your balance must be paid in full and your student account must be zero to obtain a clearance slip from the Financial Services Center.  You may contact our office at 301-314-9000 option #4 or at 1-888-313-2404 option #4 or email our office at

Former students can no longer login using SID and PIN and must use Directory ID and password. To see if you have a Directory ID or to create one, go to the Former Student Identity Verification page. For more information, see the How to Obtain a New Directory ID for Former Students in the IT Library. You may also contact the IT Department Service Desk at 301-405-1500

Outside Scholarship FAQs

An outside scholarship is money awarded to a student from a source outside of the University. They often consist of funds from a student's high school, a service organization, parent's place of employment, religious organization, etc.

Outside scholarships can have an impact on a student’s financial aid package. If a student is receiving an outside scholarship, he/she will need to report that information to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

The invoiced scholarship process occurs when a scholarship provider submits paperwork requesting to be directly billed for the scholarship funds. A credit can be added to the student account and the donor will be billed later in the semester.

The request paperwork should be on letterhead and include the amount to bill for the scholarship and the address of where to send the bill. Unless otherwise stated by the donor, scholarships over the $1000 threshold is split in half over the Fall/Spring semesters and each half is billed per semester.

Outside scholarship funds are typically made payable through check and are to be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering.  The checks need to include the student(s) 9-digit UID number. Additionally, the checks may also include additional documents that provides instructions on how to process the payment.


Please send checks and documentation to:

University of Maryland

SFSC-Outside Scholarships

1109 Lee Building

7809 Regents Dr.

College Park, MD 20742


One can also hand in/drop off the check in person (and receive a receipt) in the Cashiers Office:

University of Maryland

Office of Student Financial Services & Cashiering (SFSC)

1115 Lee Building

7809 Regents Dr.

College Park, MD 20742


Note: Regular business hours are:

8:30 am to 4:30 pm - Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri

9:30 am to 4:30 pm - Wed


The check should be written payable to The University of Maryland. Some scholarship providers may write the check payable to both the student and the University or just to the student. Depending on the method chosen additional steps might be needed (see below):

If the check is only written to The University of Maryland:

The student/scholarship provider will need to include 9-digit UID number on the check. The check can then be mailed in or dropped off in person.

If the check is written to both the Student and The University of Maryland:

The student will first need to endorse the check (sign the back of the check on the endorsement line). The student/scholarship provider will also need to include 9-digit UID number on the check. The check can then be mailed in or dropped off in person.

If the check is written just to the Student:

The student will first need to endorse the check (sign the back of the check on the endorsement line). The student/scholarship provider will also need to include 9-digit UID number on the check. The check can then be mailed in or dropped off in person.

Once the check is received by the Office of Student  Financial Services & Cashering, the student is then notified by e-mail, telephone, or U.S. mail to come to the Cashiers Office, Rm. 1115 Lee Bldg. to endorse the check. The student must bring either his/her university ID card or driver's license as proof of identification. The endorsement may be done during regular business hours.




We will first place funds in accordance to the scholarship provider’s request via the documentation that is originally included with the check. Therefore it is important that all checks or accompanying documentation received from the scholarship provider indicate the specific semester or semesters (e.g., Fall 2018) to which the award is to be applied. Additionally, for checks only for the Fall semester the scholarship provider should specify if there will be an additional check in the Spring.


If a specific semester is not identified, usually the scholarship will be applied to the current semester*.

*Timeframe is roughly Fall for checks received up toward Mid-December or Spring for checks received towards Mid-May.

Fall term only:  If a specific semester is not identified, any scholarship up to $1000 will be put all towards the Fall semester. Any funds over $1000 will be split in half over the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year (e.g., Fall 2017 and Spring 2018). This means the student will receive half of the funds in the Fall semester and the other half in the Spring semester.


We will need notification from the scholarship provider (typically a written statement/email) in order to move the funds to a specific semester. This is includes non-standard terms such as Winter term or Summer term. 

As mentioned in the previous questions, scholarship checks over $1000 that did not include the specific terms in which to apply the scholarship shall be split in half over the Fall and Spring semesters.

Including mailing time, it can often take 2-3 weeks until checks are received. If it has been over 3 weeks since the donor actually mailed the check please confirm with the donor the address it was sent to and verify if the check has been cashed.  If the check has been cashed please contact us- a copy of the front and back of the check might be needed to research the payment. Also please check that you meet the stipulations of the donor and are registered for the term of which the scholarship is to be applied.

For invoiced scholarships, invoices to providers will not go out until after the end of the Add/Drop period for that particular semester. The donor will then submit payment for the funds, typically via check.  However, do note that if the donor fails to pay the invoice by the end of the (semester/academic year) the funds will be charged back to the student account and the student will be responsible.

If the scholarship provider does not want to wait until the end of the Add/Drop period to get an invoice they will need to request a copy of the student account inquiry/bill from the student to use instead. Scholarships of this type will not be credited via invoice even with the paperwork.

Scholarships will post after course registration and tuition charges post to the student account for the semester. Based on the scholarship donor stipulations, be aware some scholarships may not post until a specific registration status is met (e.g., a scholarship that requires a student to have registered full-time: 12+ credit hours).

Unless otherwise stated from the scholarship provider we will post scholarships after the student is registered for at least 6 undergraduate credits for that particular semester (Fall/Spring). If the student is less than 6 undergraduate credit hours, typically we will need notification from the scholarship provider (typically a written statement/email) in order to post funds.

At the time of initial application/crediting of the scholarship to the student account, the University will verify that the student is enrolled for the current academic term.  However, once a scholarship has been credited to the student's account, the student's enrollment status is not monitored for compliance with any restrictions. After the scholarship has been credited, the scholarship provider is responsible for contacting the student for proof of enrollment and for recovering any funds from the student which may not be allowable under the conditions of its scholarship program. 

If a student does not attend at all for the academic year the funds will be returned back to the scholarship provider at the end of the academic year or earlier with notification.


If a student is expecting funds that have not arrived yet the student will need to pay their portion of the bill minus the scholarship amount for that particular term (noting if the check will be split). If the funds are not enough to cover the remaining balance or the funds do not come in a timely manner (before the end of the term/registration blocks) the student will be responsible for covering that remaining balance.



We cannot send the funds directly to another school for students attending a different institution for part of the academic year. The student may have the scholarship sent back to the scholarship provider and have the provider send a new check to the new institution. Alternatively on request, the scholarship can be credited to the student account here. If a refund is subsequently generated the student would be responsible for paying the other institution using any refund money on the student account.



Refunds FAQs

Enroll in direct deposit

Refund schedule: Here

More information for Financial Aid recipients that may affect when excess funds become available: Here


The Terp Payment Plan is administered by our third party vendor TMS.  At present, this system does not automatically handle adjustments to your student account. 


If you now have a credit on your student account that is greater than the remaining balance owed to your Terp Payment Plan balance, here are the steps you need to take to get your refund the most quickly. 


  1. Go to the TMS payment plan page ( and request that the TPP remaining balance be adjusted to zero.  (Student refunds cannot be released until the plan balance is $0 owed). 
  2. Then, you’ll need to submit a refund request to our office by completing ONE of the following:
    1. Log into the Student Account Inquiry and complete an online refund request.
    2. Send a written request by mail or fax requesting a refund.
      1. -Mailing address: Student Financial Services – Lee building 7809 Regents Dr. College Park, MD 20742
      2. Fax: 301-405-0659
      3. Visit the Financial Service Center in Room 1135 of the Lee Building and complete a refund request form.

Please allow up to 14 days to process your request.  Our office will contact you if further action is needed. 





You will need to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid directly. The Office of Student Financial Aid website can be found at

For information regarding Financial Aid Eligibility, please visit:

For information regarding withdrawals and its effect on your Financial Aid, please visit: