Ph.D. - Tuition & Fees



Advanced To Candidacy Tuition, Fees and Other Expenses 


Fall 2021 & Spring 2022

(6 Dissertation Credits only)

Full-Time & Part-Time Ph.D. Candidate (Per Term) (2021-2022)

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PART-TIME  PHD Candidate    
PhD Candidacy In-State Tuition - per semester $1,269
PhD Candidacy Out-of-State Tuition - per semester $2,496
Technology  Fee - flat rate $76.50
Athletics $33.00
Shuttle Bus $55.50
Student Union $85.50
Student Activities $19
Recreation Services $99.50
Performing Arts & Cultural Center $22.50
Health Center Fee $21.50
Student Facilities Fee $4.50
Total Fees: $417.50

All flat rates as listed above pertain to 899 level candidacy courses. If any 898 or below graduate level courses are taken simultaneously, those credits will be charged at the standard Graduate level Tuition and Fees scale (Available Here)

Explanation of Fees

*Although changes in fees are ordinarily announced in advanced, the University reserves the right to make such changes without previous announcement.

*All Tuition and Fees are Refundable in accordance with University Refund Policy. View the refund policy and schedule for dropping one or more courses 


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