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*Authorized Payers - PLEASE NOTE: As of May 22, 2019, UMD has transitioned to the next phase of our improvements plan affecting the student experience.  Additional security and more timely information on account status and payments are included in this stage.  As part of these enhancements, it will be required for ALL AUTHORIZED PAYERS to be enrolled in the new portal.  Student login credentials remain unchanged, but authorized payers need new permissions set up by their student.  Set up is easy and can be done very quickly.  


  1. Have student login with their current credentials on this page using the above “Student Log In” link.
  2. Once logged in and forwarded to the portal landing page, click the link on the left hand side titled “Authorize Payers”- (Direct access for student is HERE
  3. Click the green plus symbol on the right hand side that says “Add New”
  4. The student can then enter the name, email address, and login ID for whomever they wish to grant access to their financial account.
  5. Hit Save
  6. Once completed, an email will go to the address that was entered above with a link requesting that the authorized person go to set up their password.
  7. Included in that email will be a link they can use in the future to access the account page directly.


That’s it! And Access is immediate!